Ayub Malayev

I am an alchemist. An alchemist takes resources, and makes them better or "more productive". Another word for this is entrepreneur, but I prefer alchemist.

The areas where I practice alchemy successfully are direct marketing (I design + optimize marketing systems that return more money than what is put in, in a directly verifiable way); Copywriting (one of the ingredients in a marketing system); and full stack web development (able to design and program websites, this makes me a master at marketing online).

Here are the projects I currently work on:

  • MealHelp.com - This is a meal planning app I am working on. It's open for preregistration while it is being developed.
  • MultipliedSalesmanship.com - Site for my direct marketing consultancy. I optimize the marketing processes of other businesses, which has a dramatic effect on their profit.

More personally, I partake in learning psychology (why we buy, behavior change, motivation, habit creation), bodyweight fitness, insight meditation (Vipassana), lucid dreaming, politics, economy, and productivity.